AXIS introduces first 7 members of new ‘ambitious ambition crew’ including former ‘Mix & Match’ contestant Jinhyung

New entertainment label AXIS, home to solo artist Katie, has just announced the launch of a unique project called the ‘ambitions ambition crew (aa crew)‘. 

On October 10, ambitions ambition crew introduced their first 7 members. This crew is made up of creators each with a different, individual “ambition”, including in singing, acting, DJ-ing, producing, and more. AXIS plans on partnering up with top agencies in order to support the members of the aa crew in their growth and promotions, whether it be through dramas, movies, original contents, music releases, etc. 

The first members of this new aa crew include: Angelo (formerly Jinhyung of YGE survival program ‘Mix & Match‘), Elan, Hans, Aiden, Logan, Junegyo, and Daol. Look forward to more information on these members’ debut projects, coming soon. You can also follow AXIS’s official SNS below for more in the ambitious ambition crew. 

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