Girls’ Generation’s Yuri reveals a Dream Catcher member hand-delivered a fan letter to her

Girls’ Generation fans have now debuted as rookie idols in girl groups of their own!

On October 9, Girls’ Generation’s Yuri and 2AM‘s Jinwoon appeared as guests on ‘Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time‘, representing two 2nd-generation idol group members who are now also solo. During the talk, Yuri received a question asking about the differences in promoting solo, outside of Girls’ Generation. 
Yuri shared, “I’m more embarrassed. When I go on music shows, they give me the best, most spacious room, which is also nearest the stage. All the hoobaes come and greet me.” She continued, “There is a girl group called Dream Catcher, and one of the members came by and hand-delivered a fan letter to me. The letter was quite long. She said she liked me since she was in elementary school. I couldn’t believe it. Time flies so fast.” 
Which Dream Catcher member do you think is a long-time fan of Girls’ Generation’s Yuri?

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