[OP-ED] Did Cube Entertainment make a huge mistake by kicking HyunA and E’dawn out?

About a month ago, news broke that HyunA and E’dawn are dating while also promoting together in the unit Triple H. Immediately, Cube Entertainment released a statement claiming that the two are not dating and tried to shut down all rumors on this. However, just a few hours later, the couple released contradicting statement coming clean on the matter and admitting that they have actually been in a relationship for the past two years, and no longer wanted to keep this a secret as they didn’t want to hide this from the fans any longer. Their shocking revelation made numerous headlines and sparked a lot of discussion and debate. 

When the news broke, there were mixed reactions from the fans. Some fans were extremely supportive of the couple, saying they were happy the two are together as they have always been heavily shipped together. Other fans were unhappy with this news, stating that they felt lied to and cheated since it went on for two years without anyone’s knowledge. They were angry that the two were expressing affection for each other on stage without minding the fans. In fact, it was disappointing, but many fansites of E’Dawn actually shut down because of this. As for Cube, the way that they dealt with this was very harsh. Despite the fact that Triple H had just had a comeback, their promotions for their newest song “Retro Future” was put on pause and E’Dawn was not allowed to continue promotions with Pentagon. This sparked a lot of controversies as many people were unhappy at how the two of them were being handled just because they were in a relationship.

When it was announced that both Hyuna and E’dawn were kicked out of Cube Entertainment, many people and fans started to speak out about this. Many people started to trend the hashtag ‘#Cubeisoverparty‘ stating that they were losing one of their top solo artists as well as one of the most popular members of Pentagon. Many people also spoke out about how unfair it was as idols were still humans and they deserve the rights to have a private life and do things that normal people do, such as dating. Fans were outraged at how Cube handled this situation, especially after all that the two has done for their company and brand.

HyunA in her long music career has achieved a lot for Cube Entertainment as the popular artist of the label. She was the first solo female artist to have two music videos cross the 100 million mark on YouTube with her two hits “Bubble Pop!” and “Ice Cream.” She is a well-recognized feminist icon in the Kpop Industry that many look up to. She has clinched many awards in her time and is well-known for her unique sound and style. E’Dawn, on the other hand, is part of Pentagon which is slowly gaining popularity, especially with their song “Runaway” which got them a lot more attention as compared to their previous comebacks. E’Dawn is a talented dancer, singer, and producer, taking him out of Pentagon is really a huge loss for the group. Also, by removing him from Cube and from Pentagon by extension, Pentagon’s future is really being put on the line. E’Dawn produces quite a few of the songs we hear from Pentagon and now that he is no longer there, this could mean a change in the unique sound in Pentagon that fans have grown to love.

By kicking out two important artists from their label, Cube seems to be at a huge disadvantage and many fans cannot seem to understand why they would actually do this. Fans were disappointed in Cube for the way this situation was dealt and many compared it with previous groups and artists under the label, stating that Cube did not handle them properly as well. Fans brought up how 4minute, which was HyunA’s previous band and was not managed as well as they could, especially with the rumors of some members being offered renewed contracts back in their “Hate” promotions. Another band that was talked about was B2ST, which left Cube after a few years and changed their name to Highlight due to copyright laws. There were many rumors then, that they left Cube as they were unhappy with the management. However, though there were many people pointing fingers at Cube and blaming them for not handling this situation well, there were some that could see where Cube was coming from.

Thinking about it from Cube’s point of view, even though it was revealed that HyunA and E’Dawn had no clause in their contracts that barred them from dating, they did keep their relationship a secret from Cube’s management for the past two years (some believe Cube knew about it all this time but wanted it to keep it under wraps). Cube had publicly released a statement about how they were not together but without consultation, HyunA and E’Dawn countered it by coming clean about their relationship not four hours after Cube’s statement. By doing so, it reflected very badly on Cube’s management as it showed that they were unable to understand their own artists. Sure, in many people’s opinion, it was too harsh a punishment to be kicked out of the company but the fact is that they did in fact, breach a form of trust that they should have with their own entertainment label. While everyone is pointing fingers at Cube and stating how they were wrong for doing this to HyunA and E’Dawn, we have to understand that there was probably a breach of contract in them choosing to keep this relationship hidden from their managers. 

Dating between idols is something rare but not unheard of, and while what Idols do in their free time is none of anyone else’s business, it did affect Cube when they decided to counter their statement released about them not being a couple. We have to understand how it reflected extremely poorly on Cube’s management and it did affect their reputation as an entertainment company. The reason why they kicked the two out was probably to stand their ground and to serve as a warning to future artists to not do such a thing since it makes people not take Cube seriously as an Entertainment label. Cube’s reaction was not justified, but this explains why they reacted in such a big way.

So, what now? What is going to happen to HyunA and E’Dawn? Are they really kicked out? Because Cube later retracted their statement and said that HyunA and E’Dawn weren’t kicked out after their stock price was suffering. However, if they have been kicked out, we can hope that HyunA and E’Dawn would still be successful. We all wish that they will be soon be picked up by another label or be able to start their own label to continue doing their own music. As fans, we support the two of them together and wish nothing but the best for HyunA and E’Dawn. As for Cube, we hope that they soon realize what a mistake it was to kick out the two of the most talented and essential artists under their label. We also hope that in the future, Idols dating would no longer be frowned upon and that they would have the freedom to tell the truth without having to fear rejection from fans or action taken from their label.

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