‘Produce 101’ contestant Yoo Sun Ho cast in upcoming SBS drama ‘Revenge is Back’

Produce 101‘ contestant Yoo Sun Ho has been cast in the upcoming SBS drama ‘Revenge is Back‘.

On October 10, Cube Entertainment confirmed, “Yoo Sun Ho has been cast as the character Yoo Si Ohn in the Monday-Tuesday SBS drama ‘Revenge is Back’, which is planned to premiere at the end of November.” The character Yoo Si Ohn is described as a pretty boy who’s a lot more manly than people expect him to be. 

‘Revenge is Back’ will tell the story of someone whose life turns upside down after she’s falsely accused of being a bully in school. The romantic-comedy will revolve around her return to the school as a teacher and her run-in with her past arch-nemesis. Actress Jo Bo Ah has been cast in the series as well.

The drama is expected to premiere in late-November following the finale of ‘Where Stars Land‘.

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