Seohyun says SM Entertainment was a great agency but she was limited

Seohyun talked about her former agency SM Entertainment.

The idol-actress sat down for an interview with Seoul Economic Daily to chat about her recently ended drama ‘Time‘, acting career, and more. 

During the talk, Seohyun mentioned SM Entertainment and said, “SM is an amazing company. I grew up like a child with a golden spoon in an environment where everything is provided. It’s a company that allowed me to be where I am now. The environment is great but I wanted to challenge myself and try things on my own.”

Seohyun explained how she was limited under SM, saying, “SM is a big company where everything is (systematically) provided so it’s a system where my opinions and thoughts can’t be reflected much. I felt like I have settled down in a too great environment. I started having this thirst of making decisions and creating things on my own.”

The star admits she misses SM time to time but she doesn’t regret her decision of leaving. She said, “I experienced so much throughout the past year (after leaving SM). I had experiences that I’ve never had under the company,” and said, “There were times when I had to get on my feet and solve issues. It helped a lot with my life. I think I made a good decision.”

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