Son Dam Bi and Nam Tae Hyun talk about their dating rumors and relationship on ‘Video Star’

Son Dam Bi and Nam Tae Hyun opened up about their relationship on MBC Every1‘s ‘Video Star‘.

On the October 9 episode, Son Dam Bi, Jung Sang Hoon, Kim In Kwon, and Kim Sung Chul joined as the guests. Nam Tae Hyun also appeared on the broadcast as the special MC.
Nam Tae Hyun introduced Son Dam Bi, stating, “She’s the lucky one who got stirred up in dating rumors with me last year.”

During the show, the two stars emphasized they’re just close noona-dongsaeng. Son Dam Bi said, “Nam Tae Hyun doesn’t contact me.” To this, Nam Tae Hyun explained, “That’s wrong. Noona always says, ‘Okay, let’s meet soon~’ but we never do.”

When asked if they’re still close noona-dongsaeng, Son Dam Bi said, “We’re such noona-dongsaeng.” She mentioned the dating rumors and said, “It’s just an incident that occurred from a joke.” 

Son Dam Bi also added, “There’s something we need to clarify. I read that I’m the one who begged him to film that with me.” Nam Tae Hyun denied having any relation to the claim and said, “I didn’t even have an interview about it. Articles were just published like that.”

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